Dr. Todd Smith

Why Neuropsychological?  Years of training led me to initially advertise as a neuropsychologist, who specializes in the evaluation of thinking processes, often sought after brain damage such as traumatic brain injury, stroke, concussion, or the like.  While I continue to perform such evaluations at the request of attorneys, insurance companies and individuals, throughout my 20+ years of practice my desire and calling to work with children, and strengthen marriages and families has remained strong, and is a staple in the day to day workings of my office.   My special interests and training are in the area of neuropsychology, couples and family therapy, and child assessment and therapy.  The foundation of my practice and approach to helping others is the belief that devotion to God is the primary way to attaining lasting peace, satisfaction, and meaning in life.  My office provides a warm environment and friendly staff in the setting of an older home in Albany, GA, where I have been practicing for the last 10 years.  My philosophy of therapy is not “religious”, and does not conform to “Biblical Counseling” or the like, but is grounded in common-sense application of psychological principles to help one attain spiritual and personal maturity through the practice of deliberate living strategies.  A background in theology and biblical studies has been an important part of my training that guides my philosophy and approach to helping others through the practical integration of psychological and theological principles.



I am committed to providing help to anyone seeking it by careful listening and analysis of your situation.  I do not have to be right.  I do not feel compelled to give advice and tell one what to do, though I will do so when it is obvious and necessary.  I dress “down” on Fridays (and other days as well), love to spend time with my family (and dog), and practice living my life and making choices in a way that reveals the character of God…devoted, genuine, respectful, and persevering.  I love the outdoors, college football, and hunting.  Some would probably characterize me as simple, down-home, and down-to-earth.  Indeed, I hope that I am.  Life is complicated enough as it is, and pulls us away from the simple and beautiful treasures God has designed for us to enjoy.  Perhaps the most precious is our family and friends.  Keeping relationships healthy is crucial in our journey together.  I believe God has given everyone a measure of truth that they must learn how to give attention to as they seek to apply his wisdom through thoughtful living and responsible behavior.